We propose single sessions of 30 or 60 minutes and packages of 5 or 10 sessions of 30 minutes (we don’t offer packages of 60 minutes sessions).

What you can do online

  • Pre- and post-adoption advice:
    • Prepare for a puppy (selection, preparation of the house, what to know to be ready)
    • The first days together with your new puppy (welcoming, habituation, the first habits)
    • Life together: traveling, the vet, going top the park.
    • Socialization (only theory, common pitfalls)
  • Consultancy for the management of small common problems: how to handle an error, teach a command, improve the communication with your dog (no behavioral problems).
  • Word Learning
    • Teach your dog to recognize objects by name
    • Teach your dog to “speak”using pre-registered buttons
  • Social learning for individuals and instructors 
  • Do as I Do -all levels-
  • Didactics for instructors: improving one’s theory, structuring your lessons, organizing a didactic plan for the lessons, solve organizzare un piano didattico per le lezioni, resolving -with method- the unpredictable..


Single online consultancy  of 30 minutes: €40

Single online consultancy  of 60 minutes: €65 [packages of 60 minutes consultancies aren’t possible]

Package of 5 consultancies of 30 minutes each: €152 (2€ bollo)

Package of 10 consultancies of 30 minutes each: €252 (2€ bollo)

What’s included

All the online consultancies are registered and made available privately to you on an online platform. 

One week of assistance via WhatsApp.

You can send videos (maximum length: 2 minutes, up to 1 video/day), audio messages, written requests (from 9am to 7pml).

Consultancies can be requested every day (also Sunday and holidays).

For the consultancies it’s better if you can arrange for a second person that can help with the camera. 

We recommend Bluetooth headphones.

The consultancies can be payed with PayPal or bank transfer; you’ll receive an invoice for each consultancy.

The didactics lessons must be planned in advance, they include tasks to be done on your own and analysis of these task in each lesson.

For online consultancies please compile this form, we’ll contact you asap.