Didactic videos

About the videos

The candidate has to produce and upload 5 videos. Of those, 4 are videos in which s/he works with a dog-owner pair as a dog trainer, and one is a video of him/herself working with his dog (or a dog he has prepared for Do as I Do personally).

These videos are mandatory and only if they comply with the requirements described below, they will be accepted and evaluated by the board.

The aim of the 4 videos in which the candidate works with a dog-owner pair is to evaluate his/her skills as a Do as I Do trainer. Thus, the performance of the dog will not be under evaluation. The board will evaluate the indications and instructions given by the candidate to the owner working with the dog.

How to record the videos: The camera has to be placed in a position from which the candidate, the owner and the dog are FULLY VISIBLE (including the heads). The owner should be either in a frontal or later position from the camera so that his/her face is visible.

Here below is an example of a suggested setup:

Audio: The video must allow a clear comprehension of all what is told by the candidate and by the dog-owner during the training session. Candidates are invited to check their videos for the quality of the audio, before submitting them.

Duration of the videos: Editing, pauses and cuts are NOT ADMITTED!

The maximum allowed duration of a video is 8 minutes.

How to name the video files: The file should be named as follows: Candidate’s surname_Number of the video_Training phase (E.g. Smith_video2_ Phase1)

How to submit the videos: Videos must be uploaded on YouTube, with private privacy, giving access to the following accounts: claudia.happydog@gmail.com (Claudia Fugazza) and info@istruzionecinofila.it (Sara Tagliati)

If the candidates wants to motivate or explain something about the training session, s/he can write it in the comments of the video in YouTube

Videos will be commented by the board directly on YouTube, always in a private form.


Description of the required videos:

Video 1: verbal cues The candidate is required to work with a dog-owner pair for the prelimary training before starting the Do as I Do protocol (put behaviours on verbal cue or check that the dog is already trained to perform behaviours on verbal cue)

Video 2-3-4: Do as I Do protocol The candidate is required to teach to a dog-owner pair the Do as I Do training protocol until the dog can learn a new behaviour with the Do as I Do method.

The dog-owner pair has to be the same in all of the videos.

Video 2: contains a training session of phase 1 of the Do as I Do protocol

Video 3: contains a training session of phase 2 of the Do as I Do protocol

Video 4: contains a training session in which the owner teaches his dog a new action using the Do as I Do method.

Video 5: own dog In this video the candidate should ask his/her dog to imitate two different actions performed on the same object (e.g. touch the chair with a paw; walk around the chair).

As examples see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZng9XshLqc

Evaluation of the videos by the board:

The possible outcomes of the evaluations are:

  • Admitted to the oral/practical exam
  • Admitted with reserve: in the case of non-severe errors as evaluated by the board, the board will examine the errors during the oral/practical exam
  • Not admitted to the oral/practical exam: the candidate will not be allowed to take the final oral/practical exam.

Only one possibility per year to take this exam is given (there will be no reimbursement of the fee paid).


If you want to print this page you can use this file: Preparing video.pdf