Second level exam

SECOND LEVEL EXAM: Trainer certificate

This exam is available only for professional dog trainers and it certifies the skills of the trainer in preparing other dog-owner pairs with the Do as I Do method.

The certified Do as I Do trainers are listed in the Do as I Do Trainers Register and are allowed to use the official Do as I Do logo when promoting their teaching and professional activity.

Exam modalities

The exam is divided in 3 parts:

  • VIDEOS: The candidate is required to upload 5 videos. Four of those are videos in which he/she works with a dog-owner pair learning the Do as I Do method; the other one is a video in which s/he works personally with his/her own dog (or non-owned dog that was trained by the candidate) (Detailed instructions about the content of the videos and how to upload them can be found below)
  • THEORY: Multiple choice questionnaire about social learning, the Do as I Do method and individual associative learning theory.
  • ORAL / PRACTICE EXAM: During the exam, the candidate is required to work with a given unfamiliar dog-owner pair, while being examined by the board.

The sites for the oral / practice exam in Europe are in Italy and/or Hungary. For American citizens, exam sessions can be organized in USA or South America.

Candidates are admitted to the oral / practice exam only if they have uploaded the required videos (point 1) and passed the theory exam (multiple choice questionnaire – point 2)


Requirements to candidate

The candidate should possess at least one of the following requirements:

  • Possess a dog trainer certificate since at least 2 years (certificates should be sent, together with a cv to
  • Being an attendee of a course for becoming dog trainer and having experience in dog competitions in one of the following categories (or above): agility 2; obedience2; Rally-obedience 2; IPO2



Only dog trainers that already passed the 1st level Do as I Do exam with at least one dog are allowed to undertake the Do as I Do Trainer exam.

The candidate shall have professional expertise in dog training, regarding the main training methods based on individual associative learning (shaping, luring etc.). Although this knowledge is taken for granted for a professional dog trainer, it will be assessed during the exam.

Subscription modalities:

Candidates are required to send a cv and their dog trainer certificate to

In the cv, the candidate should describe his/her professional experience in the applied field of dog training. If the candidate attended a Do as I Do seminar or more, this should be indicated with date and location. It is also mandatory to indicate date and location of the First Level Exam.


Didactical material can be found:

In the book + DVD:

And in the following webpages:


Non-mandatory education:

It will be possible to organise a workshop during which the candidates will refresh all the rules of the Do as I Do method, particularly focusing on how to implement training sessions for naïve dog-owners. This workshop is optional and its cost is not included in the cost of the exam.


Didactic videos: Link

Practice exam: Link