First level exam

First level exam (Basic Certificate)

The exam is divided in two parts: theory and practice. The theory part consists of a multiple choice questionnaire of 10 questions. The topics are those that are explained during the Do as I Do seminars and courses and can also be found in the book and DVD:

  •  social learning, imitation, other social learning processes;
  • Do as I Do training protocol, training phases.

During the practice part of the exam the dog is tested with a novel demonstrator in a Do as I Do session where he is required to reproduce various actions:

  • the dog is tested by an examiner in a 10 trials session on the reproduction of 6 familiar actions (at least two without objects) chosen by the owner and eventually a novel one;
  • The dog is required to be able to reproduce actions that are shown on objects that are behind himself and behind the demonstrator;
  • the ‘Do it!’ command is given while looking straightforward and not looking at the dog

In the following video you can see an exam session

After passing the exam, the owner will receive a certificate

Furthermore, owners and dogs will have the possibility to participate in the research program on social learning and imitation in dogs and take part in the training and testing sessions.

Second level exam (Trainer Certificate) from 2016

Soon the second level certification will be available. This is a certification for professional dog trainers and will certify that they are eligible for training other dog-owner pairs with the Do as I Do method.